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Tomato and Cherry Quinoa With Pistachios

This simple recipe—a seriously good celebration of high summer—deserves the very best tomatoes you can find.

The 34 Best Vegan Gifts for 2024

Give the gift of making plant-based eating easier. 

Frozen Chocolate Bananas

If you’re able to stop making “Arrested Development” jokes long enough, these sweet bites will be the actual talk of your next party.

Strawberry Preserves

Use it in yogurt, on ice cream, or smash a few big chunks onto buttered toast.

Mango Chutney

The perfect condiment to serve with roast chicken, kebabs, pappadam, and more.

Orange Marmalade

This easy orange marmalade recipe requires no obscure equipment and is bound to impress.

Peach Jelly

Summer is fleeting, but this easy recipe puts juicy peaches within arm’s reach all year long.

15 New Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks to Check Out This Spring

It’s time to refresh your cooking with a new book of vegetarian recipes.

Blueberry Compote

Pile it on waffles, stir into Greek yogurt, or spoon over cheesecake or crepes: Blueberry compote knows no bounds.

Classic Marinara Sauce

The little black dress of Italian American cooking—get the recipe for the stuffed shells here.

Dry Stir-Fried Green Beans

These Sichuan-style dry-fried green beans get their punchy flavor thanks to the chile and garlic.

Sweet and Salty Nori Popcorn

You know those little packs of roasted nori sheets? Along with a little touch of sugar, they make the perfect topping for popcorn.

Banana Nut Blondies

These blondies have all of the flavors of your favorite banana bread in a more compact form, with lots of toasty walnuts inside and on top.

Kunan Aya (Tigernut Milk)

Tigernuts, which taste like a cross between pecans and almonds, yield a thick and creamy liquid that’s often sweetened with dates or honey.

Easiest Cranberry Sauce

Save your over-the-top machinations for the pie–cranberry sauce is meant to be simple.

Maple-Roasted Delicata Squash

A perfect combination of sweet, salty, crispy, and tender, this maple-roasted delicata squash will have everyone reaching for seconds.

Plant-Based Vietnamese Cooking Takes Center Stage in This New Cookbook

Helen Lê puts a meat-free spin on pho, bánh xèo, bún bò Huế and numerous classics dishes from across the country. 

Vegan Bánh Mì

This vegan bánh mì is layered with marinated tofu and seitan flavored with char siu seasoning mix, plus a bean-based vegan pâté.

Chili Jam

This Vietnamese chili jam is sweet and slightly spicy, and it is especially delicious with noodle dishes.

Vegan Pho

A rich vegetable broth, slightly sweetened with fruit, is the base of this comforting vegan pho.
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