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Epicurious Gear, Tool, and Ingredient Recommendations

Our editors are constantly scouring the internet and testing to find the best versions of the kitchen tools you need: knives, coffee gear, pots and pans, and beyond. Find all of our gear and ingredient recommendations here. 

The Best Cooking Gifts for Mother's Day and Graduation Season

The Ultimate Le Creuset Gifting Guide 

Spoiler alert: don't buy a $20 cocotte. 

The Best Gifts for Moms, Approved by Epi's Resident Moms

New cookbooks, coffee subscriptions, hand-thrown ceramics—29 perfect Mother's Day gifts you can order right now.

47 Gifts for Bakers, Pie Lovers, and Cake Decorating Pros

Whether they're old pros or just picked up the habit this year, we have the right gift for every baker in your life.

The 41 Best Gifts for Vegetarians

Cookbooks, condiments, and a secret weapon pair of scissors for your favorite meat-abstainers.

The 57 Best Gifts Under $50 

Memorable gifts on a sensible budget.

More Tested-Favorite Gear for Spring Cooking

The Best Kitchen Shears for Everything from Snipping Herbs to Breaking Down Chickens

Use them to trim the leaves from all of that fresh spring produce. 

The Best Salad Spinner for Drying Greens and Prepping Herbs

We stocked up on spring mix and gave these spinners a…well, you know.

The Best Colander Suspends Over Your Sink

Save your pasta and first-of-the-season farmers market finds from dirty-dish exposure. 

The Best Paring Knife for Careful Cuts and Precise Peeling  

You're gonna need a sharp new one for hulling strawberries, and slicing radishes.

Take Your Spring Pasta to the Next Level

We tested popular manual pasta machines to find the best one for home cooks who want to make lasagna, fettuccine, ravioli, and more. 

Our Favorite Tools for Spring Cleaning

You Should Be Using a Bottom Sink Rack

It protects your sink, your dishes, and your sponge.

Use Steam to Clean the Grimiest Spots in Your Kitchen

It’s a safe, eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals, and it’s honestly kinda fun.

5 Spots in the Kitchen I Clean With This Affordable Food-Safe Powder

You’ll never have to buy a pricey descaling solution again.

What Is Dish Spray? And Which One Is Best?

Our cleaning columnist explains why it’s so effective and ranks nine popular options.

Essential Pots and Pans, Tested & Reviewed

The Best Nonstick Pans, Tested and Reviewed

Will the people tired of sticky scrambled eggs please raise their hands.

The Best Stainless Steel Pans for Everyday Use, Tested and Reviewed

There's almost nothing you can't do with a stainless steel skillet, so why not buy the best one?

The Best Wok for Stir-Frying at Home, Tested and Reviewed

Plus steaming! And deep-frying! A good wok should do it all, so we tested seven top-rated models to find the very best.

The Best Saucepan Will Help You Cook Literally Everything—From Regular Morning Oatmeal to Fancy Lemon Curd

A quality 3-quart saucepan is a hero in the kitchen—and can last a lifetime. We tested 24 models to find the very best one on the market.

The Best Cast-Iron Skillets, Tested and Reviewed

We seared, fried, and baked our way through a whole range of cast-iron pans to find the best one on the market.

The Best Portable Induction Cooktop for Safe, Efficient Cooking Just About Anywhere

Curious about induction cooking? We tested some of the most popular portable induction cooktops and found the best one for boiling, browning, frying, and even candymaking.

The Best Cordless Table Lamps for Making Your Dining Room or Patio Table a Whole Mood

Convenient, useful, romantic; our favorite table lamp has it all.

The Best (and Worst) Single-Serve Coffee Makers, Tested and Reviewed

We don’t generally recommend pod coffee, but after testing a dozen machines we found some that were pretty good.

Is Breville’s Oracle Touch Worth The $2,800 Price Tag?

If you like milky espresso drinks, this is a perfect machine.

Thanks to the Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker, I Only Brew Coffee Once a Week

It's an easy and affordable route to strong, flavorful iced coffee.

The Best Juicers, Tested and Reviewed (2024)

We scrubbed the pulp from 20 leading models to find the very best juicers on the market.

Tame Your Out-of-Control Kitchen Drawer With These Smart Utensil Trays

Store your flatware and cooking tools so everything is accessible for cooking and tasting. 

The Best Air Fryers for Tater Tot Parties and Lonely Batches of Fish Sticks

We put top-ranked air fryers to the test to find out the best one (and also whether or not one of these gadgets is really worth owning at all).

9 Things You Can Do With Your French Press...Besides Making Coffee

Dinner, dessert, and even cocktails are easier when you tap into this underrated tool.

8 Mini Condiment Bottles, Jars, and Tins That Will Save You From Lunchtime Emergencies

When a salty, sweet, or spicy craving hits, you should have a solution on hand. An adorable, teeny-tiny solution.

The Best Ice Cream Makers for Homemade Frozen Treats

Whether you’re making soft-serve or gelato or loading it up with mix-ins, homemade ice cream is an indulgence worth undertaking.

The Spatula Cast Iron Collectors Swear By

A flat top spatula is a cast-iron pan’s best friend

The Best Bread Maker for Effortless Homemade Loaves

A good bread maker can let newbies produce well-baked loaves, but it can also help experienced bakers looking for a few shortcuts.

The Best Toaster Ovens for Roast Chicken, Emergency Cookies (And, Duh, Good Toast)

These countertop cookers can take the place of a few other appliances—including your full-size oven. We tested eleven popular models to find the best.

How to Keep Kitchen Towels Smelling Fresh

There’s a very good chance your hamper situation is making things worse.

The Best Meal Prep and Delivery Services

Blue Apron, Daily Harvest, and more: We tested the top meal delivery services to find the best options for all budgets, tastes, and dietary needs.

We Tested 12 Vacuum-Mop Hybrids to Find the Very Best

A mop vac will cut your floor cleaning time in half and probably also change your life.

The Best Air Fryers on Amazon Prime Day 2024 to Crispify Your Life

Popular opinion: Air fryers are the new Instant Pots. 

Best Prime Day Coffee Maker Deals 2024 for a Fully Caffeinated Morning

Amazon Prime Day is back and so are deals on popular espresso machines, programmable drip devices, and our favorite single-serve coffee maker.

Best Prime Day Kitchen Deals 2024 for Every Cooking Need

Air fryers, Dutch ovens, and blenders, oh my.

The 34 Best Vegan Gifts for 2024

Give the gift of making plant-based eating easier. 

The Best Waffle Makers Will Make All Your Brunch Dreams Come True

When that Sunday morning craving hits, you’re going to want one of these waffle irons around. 

Blue Apron Review: A High-End Version of Meal Kit Cooking

I cooked Blue Apron for my family for two weeks; here’s my honest opinion.

This Sous Vide Cooker Doesn’t Skimp on Its Features or Its Size

The Typhur Sous Vide Station tries to do it all, no matter how much counter space that requires.

The Best Soda Makers, to Spare You From Buying Sparkling Water Ever Again 

We carbonated and tasted water using the leading home soda makers to find the best one on the market.

The 27 Most Exciting New Cookbooks of Summer 2024

There’s an impressive fresh crop of cookbooks on the way—and we can’t wait to cook from them. Here are the titles coming out now through August 2024.

8 Grill Brushes That Won’t Send You to the ER This Summer

And you thought the mandoline was scary. 

The Best Instant Pot for You: A Comprehensive Guide to Every Size and Model

The question is not if you need an Instant Pot (you do!) but which one exactly.

This Swedish Mixer Is More Powerful Than a KitchenAid

It brings bakery-level mixing right to the home kitchen.